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Bildquelle: www.kinderfrau.at

with accommodation
Nanny with mother tongue: Italian or Spanish or English

80 % Nanny | 20 % household help- with experience in babycare and able to work in a team - for a flexible fulltime job -as soon as possible- with travel companions, to Innsbruck- Austria / Tyrol wanted.
A separate 50 sqm Appartment will be made available to you - live-in-position.
Further informationen can be made available through our agency A.O.G.®

• Miss Hartwig 089. or

• Miss Schichl


Domestic staff Germany Center-Office

• Munich 0049 (0) 89. 29. 99. 0 - 0

For your applications please call:

• Mr. Behrens 0049(0)

• or Mr. Schichl

Applicants from Switzerland or Austria,

can call our servicehotlines to Munich:

Vienna 0043.120.586.11

Zurich 0041.445.809.201

For the detailled job description please click on: weitere Daten>>>

with accommodation
Chiffre-Number: www.kinderfrau.at_eng

Responsibility assignment:

Nanny with experience in baby care
 80 %
Household help
 20 %
Nanny / Household help
 100 %

Location and working hours:
  • 6020 - Innsbruck - Austria - Tyrol
  • Accompaniment for traveling: very often on the weekends + all vacation times - also on a short term notice sometimes to Mallorca or worldwide
  • flexible 8 - 10 hours/day FULL TIME (40-50)
  • Working hours:

    Mondayto be discussed, when the family is at its residence
    Tuesdayto be discussed, when the family is at its residence
    Wednesdayto be discussed, when the family is at its residence
    Thursdayto be discussed, when the family is at its residence
    Fridayto be discussed, when the family is at its residence
    Saturdayflexible 8 - 10 hours/day
    Sundayflexible 8 - 10 hours/day
  • sporadic 24-Hrs.-service desired: e.g. when you are traveling with the family
  • continous W/E service desired:
  • overtime of course will be paied extra or be satisfied in spare time
Date of joining
  • as soon as possible.
  • permanent employment
Your professional and personal skills:
  • capacity for teamwork: A housekeeper is already working for the family, Temporarily you are working toghether with the mother.
  • driving licence and good driving experience advantageous
  • driver license is not mandatory, but would be a
  • references of private households advantageous
  • graduation: not determinative, but you should have a good educational background
  • special training(s): Childrens nurse or governess or oder eine ungelernte Kraft mit besten Referenzen aus vergleichbaren Tätigkeiten
  • job experience in private household desired
  • foreign language(s):
    German or Enflish or French or Spanish
  • mother tongue:
    Italienian or Spanish or English
  • nationality:
    Italienian or Spanish or English or Brasilian or Mexican
  • your age should be between 40+ and 60-
Children in household:
1 at age of - Kleinkind, Alter in der Agentur zu erfragen -
care of children: Durch die gesuchte Kraft und die Mutter

Your assignment in headwords:
  • care of infants:
  • care of family
    • encouragement creative: Age apprpriate, to do handicrafts, painting, playing, everything the children like.
    • encouragement intellectual: reading out, to do handicrafts, age appropriate encouragement.
    • care at recreational activities: For all possible activites, going out for a walk, etc.
    • cooking: You should be able to cook meals for the mother and the child.
  • householding
    • housekeeping: Easy work in the household, everything concerning the child.
    • care of children: The entire care for the baby, you are responsible for the child when the mother is on travel.
    • "Babysitting": As needed.
    • cleaning: Clean up the childrens room, clear the toys, keep the zone around the baby clean.
    • normal cooking: You should be able to cook small meals, if the housekeeper is absent. Then it should be normal for you that your prepare the breakfast or dinner, set the table, tidy up, according to your work schedule.
    • preparation of breakfast: when needed.
    • organisation: Everything for the child and its entire day. Preparing necessary clothes and accessories, as per season, necessary drinks, fruits. It is mandatory that you have a handy with you while you are on the way and have all necessary telefone numbers with you.
    • errands/shopping: Note down the necessary shoppings on a common shopping list - together with the housekeeper and sometimes do the shoppings, if required.
    • laundry: If the housekeeper is absent, you should be doing the laundry. In general, you are responsible for the baby clothes and that they are prepared for the baby´s next day.
    • ironing: If the housekeeper should not be available, to be discussed.
  • Therefor we offer you a adequate salary as noncommittal guiding value of , depending on hours of work, age, work experience, references, qualification and operational readiness.
  • board and lodging for free
  • The salaray (15 x per year) is very good. Please discuss this item directly with your possible new employer or call our agency.
Further a pleasing, straightforward, friendly environment in an absolute position of trust in a permanent employment is offered to you.

Your accommodation:

A separate 50 sqm Appartment is available without charges, it is 5 minutes to walk away from your employment.
- move in is no condition.
Place of work/location: Private property.

The family is looking for a very reliable, loyal and discreet employee. You should love to take over all duties in the baby care. The family is looking for a long-term employment. Since the family is travelling very often, you should be willing to work on weekends, therefore you will have a fews days off when you are back in Innsbruck. Since you are sometimes working together with the mother, you love to work "Hand-in-Hand" with her.

Mother tongue(s) of employer:
German and French
Nationality of employer:
Foreign language(s) of employer:
Italian and english

Please send your complete application documents including photo to our assigned agency:

Max-Planck-Straße 6/RGB
D-81675 Munich
Fon: 0049.89.299.900
Fon: 0049.89.981.059.00
Fax: 0049.89.981.059.01

Please don´t forget our interview for applicants and the contract with our agency !
(to download click at interview for applicants respectively contract with our agency)
A.O.G Frankfurt head office
Fon: 0049.
A.O.G Hamburg head office
Fon: 0049.
A.O.G Berlin head office
Fon: 0049.
A.O.G Düsseldorf head office
Fon: 0049.
eMail: cs@aog-online.de

Office hours:
Mon-Thu 10.00 - 16.00
Fri 10.00 - 13.00
Please ask for an appointment

Much more regional, national and international job offers are to be found at www.hauspersonalagentur.de, for modem users www.089299900.com

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